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Now you can get to work faster than ever before with a Cytronex Powered electric bicycle. So instead of sitting in traffic why not take the healthy option and start enjoying your journey to work?

Choose a Cytronex powered electric bike to cycle to work and you decide how much effort to put in. If you're a keen cyclist or a bicycle commuter you can cycle further and faster than ever before. For everyone else it's cycling without the bad bits - no uphill slogs, no struggling through a headwind. Whenever you want some help, just press the Boost button and allow Cytronex power to demolish steep hills or cruise through head winds. Cycling to work has never been so much fun!

The revolutionary Cytronex electric bicycle system is designed and assembled in the UK. We electrify the performance of Cannondale, Genesis, Ridgeback and Claud Butler bicycles. At just 13.6Kg the Cytronex Powered Cannondale Capo is now the world's lightest electric bike after only the Cytronex Powered Cannondale Super Six. For a great all round commuter bike - the Cytronex Powered Claud Butler Urban 500 has rack mounts and clearance for full mudguards. Whichever bike you choose you can be sure it will look just as good as the original bike.

Each Cytronex Powered Bike has a lightweight water bottle battery, tiny yet powerful hub motor, concealed electronics and superb Busch & Muller bicycle lights powered directly from the battery. AtoB magazine's review of our first Cytronex model last year showed it to be the fastest electric bike the magazine had ever tested. The magazine's August 2009 test of our new single speed Cytronex Cannondale Capo found a very similar speed but 30% more range!

What's more Cytronex is a British product!

Cytronex Powered Cannondale Capo Flatbar Electric Road Bike

The World's lightest electric bike!

Now you can buy the world's lightest electric bike in either a flat handlebar version or with drop (road racing) bars at no extra cost.

The Cytronex Powered Cannondale Capo weighs in at just 13.6Kg, making it the lightest full size electric bicycle after only the Cytronex Powered Cannondale Super Six. The light weight allows an excellent power to weight ratio and makes it the ideal fast commuter bicycle for use in towns and cities. There is only one button to think about and no gears so you can concentrate on the road whilst Cytronex senses your speed and provides power to match, resulting in both fast acceleration and excellent range. To see the review by Wired Magazine click here, full review also available from A to B click here for details. Electric bicycles never looked so good

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